What Soldiers Eat

Photo from Ali Base USAF photo Sr Airman Christopher Griffin 2008

Like me, I am sure you saw the TV reports of American troops eating turkey for Thanksgiving. It is always heart warming to see the men and women who keep us safe and free eating well and participating in an […]

Giving Thanks

The other day I was in my doctor’s waiting room and I overheard a conversation. One lady said she was so looking forward to Thanksgiving, ‘America’s national holiday devoted wholly to eating.’ She was not joking. She was serious.

Gee. How naive, old-fashioned, and out of touch am […]

This and That


Today I have a few miscellaneous pieces of food related information I thought you might be interested in.

Are Recyclable Grocery Bags Safe?

One, the New York Times reported recently that even reusable or recyclable grocery bags carry an environmental risk. Ay my age, this is just too funny. This is rich. I […]