In Praise of Imperfection

I was standing in the grocery store line one day last week while the magazine covers were screaming their headlines at me:

“The Perfect Pasta”

The Perfect Make-Up”

The Perfect Kitchen”

“The Perfect Dress”

“The Perfect Hair-Do For You”

They all reminded me of a blurb I read in a newspaper 20 […]

Fun Food Facts

Pumpkins are a fruit and their flowers are edible. Their seeds can be roasted for a delicious snack. See recipe below.

Coffee beans aren’t really beans at all. They are technically fruit pits.

There are over 7000 varieties of apples.

Smaller berries are the sweetest.

Popcorn has been around for 6,000 […]

Hungarian Greasy Bread

When I was a child fall was always a wonderful time of year. The sky was a clear crisp blue and there was a chill in the air; an omen that winter was near. It was also the time to rake up the falling leaves.

Like mowing the lawn in those […]