The Truth About Superfoods

I hear and read about Superfoods all the time on TV and in magazines. This vegetable will make my skin look like a new-born baby’s. This berry will help me lose 1000 pounds in two hours! This fruit will keep me from ever dying. […]

10 Nutrition Myths


Regular readers here know that since I retired I do not buy magazines as they are just too expensive. So I get them at the library for free. That often means I am reading how to prepare soil for a summer garden at Christmas time. But I look at it this way; instead […]

Q. What Foods Can Be Frozen?


A. Just about everything.

Some exceptions would be canned foods (except after opening,) eggs, and dairy products are a few. Anything with a high water content is not a good candidate for freezing as the water will freeze and then make the food mushy as it defrosts.

You can freeze anything, but the […]