Strawberries and Hot Rods


Betty on the left, yours truly on the right.

Last Saturday my neighbor and friend drove to London, Ohio for their annual Strawberry Festival. I don’t know about where you live. But Ohio is big on local festivals and fairs. We have a festival and celebration for just about everything under the […]

Money and Time Saving Tips


No recipe today. Just sharing some information I hope you will find useful as well as save you some time and money.

First up, from John Tesh’s blog: Cut hundreds off of your grocery bill every month by taking just these five items off your shopping list:

1. Bottled water is extremely […]

Fruit Desserts


So far in the Summer’s Bounty series I have shared a Mandarin orange and strawberry fruit salad, and a cold cherry soup recipe. (OK. So it was really a desert disguised as a cold soup.) Let’s just get right down to it then. Today I share a REAL dessert with you. And trust […]