Mark Twain’s Autobiography To Be Published

The literary world and just plain ‘ole folk like me who like great writing and a great wit were all atwitter today with the news that Mark Twain’s autobiography was being published.

According to Yahoo News, “Beloved American novelist and satirist Mark Twain left behind a 5,000-page unedited […]

Two Quizzes


A friend forwarded an email to me recently that got me to thinking. The email was simply two quizzes. One I failed miserably. The other I aced. The quizzes helped me put a lot of things in perspective.

During rough economic times like this current recession sometimes we just need something to help […]

It’s a Jungle Out There


About a week or so ago I was having a conversation with an acquaintence about the benefits of cranberry juice. She was looking for 100% cranberry juice and could not find it. I told her that 100% juice was out there but that not all stores carried it.

Then I got to wondering, […]